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District Edition




  • Get a minimum of 50,000 impressions.
  • Best for small stores focusing on local customers.
  • Maximum 6 ad slots available per district per month.

All Kerala Edition




  • Get a minimum of 3,00,000 impressions.
  • Best for medium scale stores and buisnesses.
  • Maximum 10 ad slots available per month.

Special Daily Sponsored ads




  • Get daily ad listings.
  • Best for growing enterprises looking for setting up a customer base.
  • Maximum 5 ad slots available per month.

Additional Features.

  • The number of slots for advertisement in district edition will be limited to 6 per district (ads of 2 brands shown per day).
  • The number of slots for advertisements in Kerala edition will only be 10 in total (ads of 5 Brands shown per day).
  • Daily sponsored ad limits to 5 in number.
  • The above mentioned package amounts are strictly offer rates as we are at our very beginning state of branding.
  • Our first few clients subscribing for the month of April shall be privileged to receive a 25% discount on our renewed rates for the month of May.
  • The packages mentioned are for a whole month. Ads will be continued for the whole month even if estimated impression numbers are met before the expiry period of the package.
  • Our team ensures full responsibility in meeting the minimum impression rates for all our clients. In case of shortcomings the package will be carried over to the next month free of any extra charges.
  • Feel free to contact our team for any queries or clarifications regarding the packages.
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